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Frank Schätzing – Der Schwarm

Commander Li:




Der Schwarm has become one of the most succesful print and audio books in Germany. It has also been translated and published tin 27 other countries, so becoming also a worldwide bestseller. With some of the greatest speakers we have here in Germany, with the help of my wonderful crew at Loy Production and the talent of Frank Schätzing, we managed to produce something of which we still are very proud, having set also a new benchmark for music and sound design in regard to this genre.

Directors: Frank Schätzing & Loy Wesselburg,
Music: Frank Schätzing & Loy Wesselburg
Sound designers: Nico Rebscher & Niklas Richter
Mixing: Niklas Richter
Production: Der Hörverlag.


November 2, 2016

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